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Protein Cycling Diet: 11

Designing the Diet

Chapter 11
Describes the diet in terms of cytoplasm replacement rates and their implications for counter-acting protein aggregate accumulation.


Protein Cycling Diet: 16

Incomplete Autophagy

Chapter 16
When maturation and completion fail

Protein Cycling Diet: 9

Mortality and Morbidity

Chapter 9
Discusses protein cycling in perspective versus the other diseases characteristic of aging emphasizing the importance of weight reduction when indicated.

Protein Cycling Diet: 5

Cellular Maintenance and Repair

Chapter 5
Discusses specific mechanisms the cell uses to achieve longevity.

Protein Cycling Diet: 19

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Chapter 19
Discusses how the specific diseases, Huntington’s, ALS, prion diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and others relate to autophagy induction

Protein Cycling Diet: 4


Chapter 4
Discusses the general mechanisms the cell uses to achieve longevity and its reasons for doing so.

Protein Cycling Diet: 6


Chapter 6
Discusses the mechanism by which the cell recycles its constituents and clears out protein aggregates.

Protein Cycling Diet: 22

Chronic Infections

Chapter 22
Discusses chronic infectious diseases that may be helped by autophagy induction

Protein Cycling Diet: 10

The Protein Myth

Chapter 10
Presents the protein content of common foods and the difficulties in creating low-protein meals.

Protein Cycling Diet: 8

The Natural State

Chapter 8
Discusses how autophagy induction may have been an every-day phenomenon in human history.