Protein Cycling Diet: 25




Chapter 25
Discusses the need for supplements while dieting

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Normally, our natural diet provides everything we need, calories, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids. The body maintains some reserve of each and can endure some period when one or more elements are lacking with no apparent stress. To some degree, our appetites even select from among available foodstuffs for what is currently needed.

Though no stress may be apparent from temporary malnutrition, there may in fact be some. In a worst-case scenario, if that nutritional stress results in misfolding a protein, the result may be the initiation of a misfolding cascade that only shows up decades later as a neurodegenerative disease.

When we overrule our appetites and impose an artificial diet, we run some slight risk of a nutritional deficit, not in the bulk items, calories and amino acids, but in the micronutrient vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Taking supplements during a diet is a simple and cheap way to guarantee against such a deficit.

Also as discussed earlier, there are items in industrial diets that are near the border-line of insufficiency that need some attention. If you are at particular risk of a neurological disease, you might be more concerned about sustaining optimal levels of micronutrients rather than merely meeting minimal levels.

My recommendation, from an insurance perspective only, is to take an inexpensive full-range multi-vitamin and mineral supplement while on the protein cycling diet. I would also supplement Vitamins C, D and E separately for anti-oxidant support. Also I would add omega-3 fatty acids to the list. If you are at particular risk of a neurological disease, you might add other anti-oxidants such as melatonin, lipoic acid, taurine, etc.

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  1. Woody

    Have you had any feedback from older people who have tried this for a while? Do they feel better etc.

    • remignery

      Sorry, I’ve had no feedback. The only older person I know who practices regularly is myself, and I feel fine.

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