MOW – an English word study tool

· Scrabble


Current version is MOW v1.5 beta.

MOW is a tool to assist you in learning English words and is geared especially to the needs of Scrabble® players. It presents words to you randomly or in alphabetical order according to the options and word patterns you select (Or you may just type in a word). You may then view the definition of the presented word and record your level of familiarity. You may also view anagrams of the word or pattern, all at once or one letter at a time. Or you may get a count of all words matching the pattern and list them.

MOW is written in Java and should run on any computer that can host the Java 6+ runtime.

MOW is packaged as a .rar file available for download in the box to the right. Extract the file and execute the mow.jar file to start the program.

Please let me know how it works for you.

I have tested it on PCs, MACs and Linux. The Mac downloaded the file without the .rar extension for some reason. I had to manually replace it before proceeding.


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