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Protein Cycling Diet: 25


Chapter 25
Discusses the need for supplements while dieting


Protein Cycling Diet: 26

Suggested Diet Plans

Chapter 26
Suggests age-and-risk- related diet regimes and the results to be expected from them.

Protein Cycling Diet: 24

Low Protein Foods

Chapter 24
General recipes for low-protein food substitutes.

Protein Cycling Diet: 21

Cardio-Vascular Diseases

Chapter 21
Discusses how Protein Cycling might prevent cardio-vascular diseases

Protein Cycling Diet

A Defence Against the Diseases of Aging

This book presents how inducing autophagy by diet manipulation may delay or prevent the neurodegenerative diseases of aging and unlucky genetics.

Protein Cycling Diet: 15

Chemical Autophagy Promoters

Chapter 15
Discusses available over-the-counter promoters of autophagy and their potential role in the diet.